Venue & Safety

Detailed Venue, Health & Safety information

Nuritkum Square (Nuri Dream Square)

  • Nuritkum Square - Business Tower 3F & 4F
  • Building Address: 396, World Cup buk-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • Address in Korean: 서울특별시 마포구 월드컵북로 396 (상암동, 누리꿈스퀘어)

Inside the venue

Indoor map images source:

Business Tower 3F Map

Business Tower 3F

  • (1) Lobby: Registration & Sponsor booth
  • (2) International Conference Room - For Keynotes and Talks(Lectures)
    • (2-1) Speaker waiting room
  • (3) Midsize Conference Room 2 - For BoF(Birds of Feathers sessions) and Talks(Lectures)
  • (4) Midsize Conference Room 1 - Rest area
  • (T) Toilets

Business Tower 4F Map

Business Tower 4F

  • (1) Large Conference Room - For Workshops and Talks(Lectures)
  • (T) Toilets

Getting to the venue

See Tourism page for details.

Health and Safety information

To provide safe environment for every participants, We require every participants to read and follow our Code of Conducts (See About page for details). Waering nametags are also required to enter conference area, participate workshop that required seperate registration as well as social activities such as conference dinner and group tour. For people without nametags, We may ask to leave or deny entrance.

Emergency information

Nearby Police stations, Fire stations and Hospitals

Sangam Police Substation

Mapo Fire Center - Sangam 119 Safety Center

24시 열린의원 (24/7 Open clinic)

Sevrance Hospital

Shinchon Yeonsei Hospital

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