Travel sponsorship

In case you don't have enough budget to attend event in-person

Participating UbuCon Asia in-person would require a lot of budget mainly due to flights and accomodations. In many cases, You may ask your employer, school or other organization to cover expenses for trip to Seoul. If you have enough money to spend, You can also consider travel to Seoul with your own expenses. But not everyone would be able to get expenses covered in these ways. For those who who has difficulty with bring travel budget, we have some information for that.

Travel sponsorship by Organizing team

(Oct 29th) We don’t have much budget left for flight sponsorship, Thus full flight sponsorship for multiple applicants no longer possible. Make sure to look for other travel grants.

If you travel from foreign country or non capital area of Korea to join our event in-person. We can cover following expenses for you.

  • For people who come from non-capital region of South Korea: Round trip ticket fee for Domestic Flights, Train, Express bus, or Domestic Ferry
    • Upto 150,000 KRW, Will be purchased by speaker first, Then reimbursed by organizing team after the event.
  • For people who arrive from foreign countries, Round trip ticket fee for International Flights and Ferry
    • Upto 1,000,000 KRW (Approx 700 USD - This is standard, can be less or more depending on departure city)
    • Will be purchased by speaker first, Then reimbursed by organizing team after the event.
      • In case you can’t book ticket because price is too high to pay by yourself, Let us know when writting application. So that we can help with that.
  • 3~4 Nights of hotel near the venue. (Will be booked by organizing team)
    • You may choose and book other accommodations. In that case, accomodation expenses will be also reimbursed after the event.

Sponsorship will be provided for speakers who has difficulty with bringing travel budget first, then will be provided for other participants if we have remaining fund. Note that since our budget is quite limited, It won’t be able to provide sponsorship for everyone who need. We recommend you to also check wheather you can get travel expenses support from you work, school or other organizations.

Ubuntu Donation Funding

If you are a Official Ubuntu Member you can apply for Ubuntu Donation Funding to get your travel expenses covered.
You will need a Ubuntu One account with a membership to Ubuntu Members team on Launchpad to submit application.

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