Entry requirements and Visa

Things you will need to check and prepare when visiting Korea


If you are eligible for K-ETA (Korea Electric Travel Authorization). You can visit Republic of Korea for short period (usually up to 90 days) without visa.
But you still need to issue K-ETA before departing from your country. Once you issue K-ETA, You can use it for 2 years for visiting Korea. You need to submit application at least 72 hours before departure since it takes up to 72 hours to process and issue.

Due to COVID-19 and other infectious disease and changes on international circumstances, List of K-ETA eligible countries (or region) may change. Please also check their notice board for updates on eligibilities before submitting application.


If you are not eligible for K-ETA, It means you need to issue a visa to visit Republic of Korea. In most cases, C-3 visas (C-3-1 Short-Term General or C-3-9 Ordinary Tourist) should be sufficient for participating UbuCon Asia on-site.
For C-3-1 visa, You will need a visa invitation letter. For approved UbuCon Asia participants, Ubuntu Korea Community may try to provide visa invitation letter for visa application. Please submit visa letter request form to get one if you need.

Applying for Visa

Usually, You will follow following steps to apply for visa, But process or required documents might vary by your country. Make sure to check your local Korean Embassy or Consulate website for accurate information.

  1. Visit Application Form page at KOREA VISA PROTAL website and choose your country, entry purpose(Short Term visit) and how long you will stay(90 days or less). Then click Visa Navigator START button to see visa application information.
  2. Click type of visa you plan to apply (usually either C-3-1 or C-3-9) to see eligibility and required documents.
  3. Prepare required document listed on the website. For Visa application, you may fill in the online form and submit by clicking e-Form(Visa Application) button. You may also print out the application form by clicking Downlaod Form button.
  4. Once you prepared required documents and visa application (either barcode printout for e-Form or application form printout), Visit local Korean Embassy or Consulate, pay visa fee and apply for Visa.
  5. It may take few days or weeks to issue visa, You may chck Check Application Status & Print page on KOREA VISA PROTAL website to check status or result.

COVID-19 Quarantine policy

  • Since October 1st, COVID-19 test before departure or after arrival is no longer required to enter South Korea.
  • You will need to write and submit health questionnaire on arrival. You can also enter your quarintine information on Q-CODE instead before departure.
  • In case you need COVID-19 PCR test, You can book to get tested at Incheon International Airport on Safe2GO pass website.
    • Korean nationals and foreigners with Residence Card can get COVID-19 test for free at nearby public health center within 3 days of arrival.
  • Masks are recommended but not mandatory on outdoors. But mandatory at indoors and public transportation.

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