Contributing to Unity7 development


Intl room
Session duration 20m0s

Unity7 desktop is back with Ubuntu Unity which is now a official Ubuntu Flavour! In this session, I’ll be discussing about Unity7 development such as:

  • The current state of Unity7 development
  • New features and improvements planned for the next release
  • How to contribute to the development of Unity7/call for developers
  • The possibility of porting Unity7 and getting it to run on distributions other than Ubuntu

Prior knowledge


What you can learn from this session

How to contribute to Unity7, and become a Unity7 maintainer for other distros

About the speaker

Iā€™m Rudra Saraswat, a tech nerd who loves to develop for Linux, maintains a homelab and uses Ubuntu and Arch. Iā€™m an Ubuntu member and the Creator and Project Lead of Ubuntu Unity (an Ubuntu flavor), Ubuntu Web, UbuntuEd, Gamebuntu and many other open source projects. I love playing the musical instrument Tabla. I also love swimming, playing Lawn Tennis and Snooker.

Rudra Saraswat

Maintainer of Ubuntu Unity

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