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Midsize room 2
Session duration 1h30m0s
IoT, Embedded, Robotics, Appliances

Are you interested in designing system minimally to fit your requirements for embedded? You may know Embedded system design should be depend on system requirement, unlike PCs, to ensure reliability. There are many good solutions, but I think Canonical’s approach, such as Ubuntu Core and Frame, is easy and general enough to focus almost exclusively on app development. In this course, I would like to have a workshop that explains Ubuntu Frame, the GUI solution, with its concepts, install, demonstrations, and Q&A.

  • First, I will explain what Ubuntu Frame is, why it is needed, and how it is structured.
    • Introduce Ubuntu Core
    • Putting SSH key onto Launchpad for Ubuntu Core
    • Snap Basic Knowledges
    • Background of Ubuntu Frame and Configuration Options
    • Explanation for iot-examples-snap
    • Explanation for demonstrating recipe
  • Second, I’d like to follow a guide for Electron GUI App packaging in Ubuntu Frame documents together.
    • Installation and Utilization of Ubuntu Frame on Desktop Environment
    • Electron GUI App packaging through iot-example-snap
    • Demonstration on Real Devices using Raspberry Pi

Prior knowledge

Linux command line interface, Linux containers

What participants need to prepare for workshop

Linux environment for which is suitable for snapd, snapcraft use(I recommend to use real device)

  • Please make sure that whther your environment supports nested virtualization in case you’d like follow with virtual environment
  • WSL is not desirable for this course since it requires additional configuration for snap use.

Create your own Launchpad account

What audience can learn from this session

  • Basic understanding of Ubuntu Core, Ubuntu Frame
  • Snap Confinement, Recipe, Snapcraft
  • Pratices for Ubuntu Frame Development

About the speaker

I am trying to find valuable topics related to Linux, develop and study them, and make them my strengths. Currently, I am a member of the Contribute & Development team of the Ubuntu Korean community and share knowledge regularly.

Kwangyeon Kim

Ubuntu Korea Local Coummity

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