Workshop: Working with C++ packages with Vcpkg on Ubuntu environment


Midsize room 2
Session duration 1h30m0s

Let’s have a look at Vcpkg a C++ package manager that provides various C++ projects on linux environments. I’ll first provide some descriptions on roles of each command lines and files and then show you some demonstrations.

This sessions introduces how to use CMake for begineers. We’ll use example CMake project to add new package to Vcpkg. And understand detailed process of package installatino by reading various log files.

Prior knowledge


  • If you’re used to working with CLI on Terminal, that would be good for following this workshop.

Not required

  • We don’t talk about C/C++ language themselvers
  • No prior knowledge on CMake required.

What to prepare before participating this workshop

You should be able to install required softwares using APT, Python3 and PIP.

What you can learn from this session

  • Ways of approach for Vcpkg package manager for managing libraries
  • Ways of Adding new packages on Vcpkg
  • Understading logs generated by Vcpkg
  • Role of CMake program
  • Basic ability to read and understand CMake file

About the speaker

  • A developer who want to work with C++ for long time on Windows and Linux environment.
  • I talk in C++, C# and Go (?)
  • I’ve been making my own view on handling software asset on C++ ecosystem rather then growing my developer capability since 2021.

Dongha Park

Organizer and Developer at C++ Korea

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