Configuring Private Cloud with Ubuntu in Server Room


Midsize room 2
Session duration 1h30m0s
Cloud and Infrastructure

We talk about the case of configuring a virtualized environment with MAAS in a server room by collecting old PCs. The configured infrastructure connects the network through a VPN connection with Azure, and uses Azure Arc to monitor the server status in Azure. Let’s practice configuring MAAS on Azure with this overall content, and discuss how to simply configure Hybrid Cloud by connecting MAAS and Azure.

Prior knowledge

Understanding on Cloud, Cloud Service or Microsoft Azure and How to install Ubuntu

What participants need to prepare for the workshop

Laptop, SSH Key, Your will to complete

What audience can learn from this session

Learn how to use MAAS, understand and practice Microsoft Azure and Hybrid-cloud configuration.

About the speaker

I am the head of the technology division at CloudMate, which aims to share our experiences with customers. We are working hard to solve customers’ difficulties together with various customer cases and deep technical understanding. Ubuntu is being used as a common operating system while using Cloud, and is currently working as a Microsoft MVP. Thank you for your interest in the Facebook community called Wise Azure Life.

Sejun Kim

Tech Manager, Cloudmate Co., Ltd.


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