(Workshop) Building microk8s Server on Raspberry Pi - to understand k8s mechanism


Midsize room 2
Session duration 1h30m0s
Cloud and Infrastructure

Have you tried Ubuntu on Raspberry Pi? Raspberry Pi is now standard ‘Single Board Computer’ works with several OSes. It is cheap and easy to handle - IoT devices and server evaluation. In this workshop, Masafumi focus on Ubuntu Server on Raspberry Pi, especially k8s+container on 8GB Raspberry Pi 4B; Masafumi will instruct how to build the container environment with microk8s - a lightweight k8s to understand k8s easily:

  • Install the Ubuntu environment
  • Install container environment
  • Install microk8s
  • Try container cluster with microk8s
    • Suppose the k8s web server cluster
      • Ingress setting
      • replica set setting to auto-scaling
      • external routing
      • issues on the server Certificate

Prior knowledge

Container environment knowledges: What container is and What kubernetes is

What participants need to prepare for your workshop

Bring your Laptop to make Ubuntu OS media with Etcher or Raspberry Pi imager and control Raspberry Pi from your PC.

What audience can learn from this session

Attendess will expect how to use Raspberry Pi on Ubuntu and how to try container environment on Raspberry Pi

About the speaker

Masafumi is leading Raspberry Pi community in Japan and helping Raspberry Pi business/community in Asian area - not only Japan but also Taiwan/China/Korea and more. for more detail please visit my personal introduction.

Masafumi Ohta

Founder and Representative, Japanese Raspberry Pi Users Group


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