Individual patrons

People listed below are Individual patrons of Ubucon Asia 2022.
We got total 44 individual patrons this year!
Thanks to every patrons for supporting our event!

(Note: Only patrons who agreed to display their names are displayed here.)

Youngbin Han

Organizer @ Ubuntu Korea Community

Seongsoo Cho

Organizer @ Openstack Korea Community

Junhyun Bae

Organizer @ Ubuntu Korea Community

Jaehoon Jung

Engineer @ MONOLITH INC.

Saputro Aryulianto

VP of Tech Talent Delivery @ Btech

Byeongseung Cho

Technical Writer @ Netmarble

Dongha Park

Organizer @ C++ Korea

Daehyun Sung

Developer @ LibreOffice Korean Team & Lablup(래블업)

Sangbeom Kim

Student @ Soongsil University

Kwangjo Jeong

Researcher @ IVIS Solution

Kyeongdeok Park

Student @ Microsoft AI School

Seohyun Nam

Representative @ KRMIR NPO

Hyungkwan Park

Developer/Researcher @ Pentaworks

Jonghoon Lee

Representative @ GNSInfo

Juha Song

Student @ MS AI School

Seokwoo Kang

Student @ MS AI School


Organizer @ It has nothing to do with coding,

Sangpil Lee

Cloudmate Co., Ltd.

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