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  • Youngbin Han

Hello! It’s been about a month since we opened for registration, and the event is just around the corner! To let more people to participate our event easier, We would like to offer discount or free tickets for eligible people.

Discount for Community partners

If you are a member of UbuCon Asia 2022 Korean community partners such as “OpenStack Korea User Group”, “LibreOffice Korean Team”, “WSLHUB (Korea WSL User Group)”, “Wise Azure Life”, “It has nothing to do with coding,” and “Korea openSUSE User Group”, “Ubuntu Korea Community” You may ask your community organizer for discount or free tickets. Since each community partners has their own policy for distributing tickets, please contact organizers of community partners for more details.

Free tickets for students who took College Scholastic Ability Test

If you are a student who took College Scholastic Ability Test yesterday (Nov 18, 2022), You’re eligible for free ticket. To get a free ticket, please apply for “수능 응시자” ticket on then send your test ID slip to We’ll approve your free ticket once we confirmed your test ID slip and ticket registration. We’ll look forward to participation from students interested on IT. Note: Please only apply for this ticket if you actually willing to attend our event.

Student discount

If you’re a student under 30 years old, You’re eligible for student discount ticket if you provide proof that you are a student. To get a student discount ticket on, apply for “학생 할인 Student discount” ticket and send us your proof of student document to Then we’ll approve once we confirm your documents and tickets registration. If you plan to get one from, Send us your proof of student document to first, Then we’ll provide discount code that you can use.

These are the documents we accept for student verifications. Note that it must include your birth of date. In case we need, We may ask you additonal questions or ask you to provide certificate of enrollment.

  • International Student ID Card (ISIC)
  • Student ID Card
  • Certificate of Enrollment

Online participants

If it’s difficult for you to made your way to Seoul, Get a ticket for online attendee! Online registrations are available for free and provides access to BoF sessions via video calls and talks on Intl room with live streaming.


Note that discounts are not applied for social events (conference dinner and group tour), but only for regular schedule tickets.

Get a ticket!

Made decision to participate? Time to grab your ticket! Click button below to get one today.

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