Updates on Travel sponsorship and Sponsorship package details


  • Youngbin Han

Today, We have some updates on travel sponsorship program details and its application forms. There are also some changes on sponsorship program. I would like to provide some details through this post.

Travel sponsorship

If you have already submitted our travel sponsorship application, You should have entered expected amount in USD. As USD rates quickly hikes these days, We decided to accept amount in your local currency on the application form. For those who already submitted before, make sure to update amount in the currency of your bank account in your application form. If you submitted before, You should have received copy of your applicaiton from Google Form. Use “Edit response” button to update your application.

We’re also announcing that our budget for flights per person has been reduced from 1,300,000 KRW to 1,000,000 KRW. This may differ depending on final number of speakers coming from overseas, Speaker’s depature location, Sponsorship status and Indicidual donations. But this amount will be the standard that we can support in maximum.

See this page to learn more. For questions on travel sponsorship, please contact our travel support team via email

Sponsorship fees are now cheaper

After receiving some feedbacks from companies and organizations we contacted and doing some more researches on other events sponsorship programs, We decided to lower our sponsorship fees. For Diaomnd, Gold and Silver, The sponsorship fees are now 2,000,000 KRW cheaper. And for Bronze, Supporter and Dinner, The sponsorship fees are now 1,000,000 KRW cheaper. If you wanted to sponsor our event, But has been hesitated because of sponsorship fees, As our sponsorship pricing is now cheaper and more reasonable, You will be able to consider sponsoring our event more positively. See this page to learn more on our sponsorship program. To become a sponsor, please contact our sponsorship team via email

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