Call for talks and workshop extended until Sep 28


  • Youngbin Han

We’re announcing that, Call for talk and workshop proposals has been extended until 2022-09-28T23:59:59+09:00). If you already submitted any proposals, You may update and improve your proposal. If you haven’t submitted one yet, you now have 2 more weeks to prepare and submit your proposal.

Why extend?

So far, We received 42 proposals. But since we don’t have enough proposal on Workshops, Korean sessions and sessions with Intermediate/Advanced level difficulty. We decided to extend our Call for proposals to gather more proposals on these categories. Most proposals submited until today are Desktop, Cloud & Infra, Social context & Community topics. We also welcome proposals on IoT, Data & AI, Packaging, WSL and other topics.

How to submit or update my proposal?

We’re accepting proposals with Google Forms. See this page to learn more and submit your proposal today. Once you submit your proposal, You will receive copy of your proposal by email. You will be able to find “Edit response” button. Use that to update your proposal content. You can work with your proposal anytime during proposal submission period. If have any questions or wants some feedbacks, feel free to visit our chat on IRC, Matrix or Telegram and ask us anytime. You can also contact content team via email

Travel sponsorship

We expect that your employeer or other organization would provide some travel grants for you to participate our event in-person. But not everyone would be able to get travel grants in that way. In that case, you may consider our travel sponsorship program or if you’re Ubuntu Member, you may consider Ubuntu Donation Funding. See this page to learn more.. For questions on travel sponsorship, please contact our travel support team via email

Sponsors welcomed!

We’re also looking for sponsors until late October. See this page to learn more on our sponsorship program. To become a sponsor, please contact our sponsorship team via email

Youngbin Han

Organizer, Ubucon Asia 2022 / Leader, Ubuntu Korea Community

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