Confirmed sessions

What you can see below is list of sessions we accepted and speaker confirmed their participation on Ubucon Asia 2022. If you submitted any proposal for Ubucon Asia 2022, You may find an email sent from eventyay system that tells you whether your proposal was accepted or not on your inbox. You may also check whether your proposal was accepted on eventyay website.

If your proposals were accepted, You need to confirm your participation to give your speech on the event. To do that, Simply send reply on CFP notification email that was sent from eventyay system. After your participation is confirmed, Please review speaker schedules, and get started with preparing your presentation right away.

If you found your session was accepted, but can’t find CFP notification mail from your inbox, You may just contact to confirm your speaker participation. In this case let us know your name and title of the session.

List of confirmed sessions will be continuously updated until final event schedule is published.

Session typeSession titleEnglishSpeaker name

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